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Ceramic Window Tint

Los Angeles, California

Ceramic Window Tint at a Home in Los Angeles, California

Window Tints Mobile recently completed a ceramic window tint job in Los Angeles, California. The homeowner was looking for window treatments that could help capitalize on the incredible views of the surrounding hills while also addressing high heat, high glare, and UV ray induced fading. After doing their research, they discovered Solar Art's website where they could download information to learn more about how window film addressed all three problems – heat, glare and fading – and immediately requested a free consultation to have Window Tints Mobile come out to the house. Thanks to their expert installation services, the home now enjoys comfort levels even during sunny days!

Window Tints Mobile's Goals

Window Tint Mobile's objective for this particular installation was to assess the windows causing issues, and help the homeowner identify the appropriate window film and solution for their needs. Our sales representative visited the home to take precise measurements, display samples, and gain integral insight into their wants. The customer made clear that maintaining existing views outside was a primary concern, as well as avoiding any modification of home esthetics. To meet these requirements, we recommended a window film capable of attenuating heat, reducing glare and UV light without impacting external aesthetics or detracting from their views.

Ceramic Window Tint Images

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Window Tint Mobile's Recommendations

Upon carefully evaluating the customer's needs and expectations, our sales representative provided a few recommendations tailored to their requirements. The Huper Optik ceramic line was offered as an option due to its lack of metals or dyes, allowing the window tinting to retain aesthetics while still rejecting heat and glare. 3M Prestige window film was also suggested for optimal performance.

What the Customer Chose

The customer we consulted with ultimately selected Huper Optik's Ceramic 60 window film option. The main draw was the fact that it provides excellent visibility, won't drastically alter a space's aesthetic appeal, and can easily be applied to troublesome windows as a solution for excess heat and glare. With it in place, this solution blocks up to 43% of incoming heat, 34% of glare, and all ultraviolet rays (99%). This ventilation protection substantially reduces energy costs by lower dependence on air conditioning.  We're glad our customers chose something that provides safe, efficient window maintenance without compromising their house's look! By blocking 34% of glare, activities like working on laptops, TVs and computers will be much more comfortable. Additionally, the 99% of UVA and UVB rays that cause sun fading can be blocked by this product. As a result furniture, belongings and flooring in your home will last longer and maintain their initial quality.

Results of the Window Film Installation

When the customer decided to install ceramic window tint in their home, they contacted Window Tints Mobile for help. After a successful installation of 455 square feet in the family room, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom that only took one day from start to finish, the customer rejoiced in their decision. Window tint not only improves uniformity in design throughout a home or office, but also provides many other benefits such as reducing heat and glare, blocking ultraviolet rays and increasing comfort levels within the space. In addition to solar film and ceramic window tint, Window Tints Mobile also specializes in decorative window film, custom graphics, anti graffiti film, window security film and exterior window film - all of which can be tailored to specific needs. If you're interested in learning more about our services or think it would be an ideal fit for your own property, don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to hear from you - contact us today for a consultation.

Project Details


Los Angeles, California

Type of Film:

Ceramic Window Tint

Square Feet of Project:

455 sf.

Installation Time:

1 day of install

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